Thursday, November 13, 2008

Poor Republican Victims, part 1

Perhaps there's a shortage of boot straps? Aren't Republicans supposed to pick themselves up by their boot straps, abhorring the supposed democratic 'culture of victimization'?

This Daily Show segment on Palin, Beautifully Illustrates - in a compare and contrast sorta way - fast-forward to the 4 minute mark. "I'm not complaining about it" she says - LMAO! "Since she would never have cast unsubstantiated dispersions..." - ROTFLMAO! (5 minute mark) Digital recording is such a awesome thing! Maybe she's just be 'pallin-around' with idiots. The Greta-van-creepy ending is not the best part, but it does help to illustrate the idol worshiping in which right wing nuts are currently engaged.

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