Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our boy made us proud

My son Christopher tried to vote last Tuesday, but the stupidity and bureaucracy of South Carolina conspired against him. Knowing there would be long lines, he went early, and waited for hours in the rain to get to the front of the line. Once at the front in Charleston, they told him "sorry, you're registered in Greenville" (note that, in 2004, he Was Only 17 and Not Old Enough to Vote). So they sent him to the board of elections. Undaunted, my son drives straight to the Charleston government office and says he'd like a provisional ballot (since Greenville was a 4 hour drive away, and he would not have made it before polls close, plus he had class on Wednesday). The election board official tells him that the DMV has him registered in Greenville incorrectly, and that he can have a provisional ballot, but they only count the provisional ballots in case of a tie, or a recount.

So, he spent his entire day after class trying to vote. I am not sure where he learned tenacity and determination from ;) ... but he made Dr.Desert Flower and I very proud.

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  1. The impediments to voting in South Carolina! No wonder the troglodytes win every election there.


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