Thursday, November 13, 2008

No Soup For You!

St.Mary's in Greenville SC, where I used to attend Roman Catholic mass when I lived there, now has a priest who is telling his parishioners that they'll be damned to hell if they don't go to confession and ask for God's forgiveness [TM] for the sin of voting for Obama, before taking communion. This is asinine, and it's 'case in point' as to why I stopped going to Catholic masses after my son entered 3rd grade - Not To Mention, that this risks the parish losing its tax exempt status for endorsing a political candidate.

What a bunch of fearful, narrow-minded, hate mongers! Drive more members of your flock away with a huge whip. Morons.

As there's lots of Red and Blue Staters who read this, chose your link to the AP story:
FOX (spelled Faux)
MSNBC (more serious nutjobs bloviating commercially)

thanks to my buddy Matt for bringing up this one.


  1. I'm in favor of ending the tax-exempt status of all religions.

  2. According to the AP, there is a voice of reason SOMEWHERE in the Catholic Church (or at least a practical voice)...
    BALTIMORE (AP) U.S. Roman Catholic bishops, meeting in Baltimore a week after the election, are re-examining how they explain church teaching after President-elect Obama, who supports abortion rights, won a majority of Catholic votes.

  3. The thing that REALLY gets my goat is, Obama is NOT a massive abortion proponent. No matter how the extreme right wing-nuts try and paint him, Obama still believes (and has said) that 'We need to reduce the number of abortions in this country, there's far too many'. He does not disdainfully put "the health of the mother" in dismissive quotes. He's not 'offering bonuses to doctors who perform the most abortions' as Dobson and his minions have tried to paint him.

    NPR's ATC yesterday illustrated what loony tune extremists believe, and are salivating for a massive battle royale


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