Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"My interest is in finding something that works"

"My interest is in finding something that works." Could you ever imagine W saying this? The Decider, who was going to "spend his political capital." Sure, he wanted to "reach across the aisle", in order to grab Democrats, and drag them back over the the Republican side, and push his Gingrich-esque, government-do-nothing, win-at-all-costs, non-executive-oversight, plutocratic agenda. Collaboration, synergy, cooperation, an intelligent and informed approach... yeah, those are the hallmarks of a rabid, elite, liberal ideologue who pals around with terrorists, and is probably still a secret Muslim or Manchurian candidate.

I certainly hope that Obama doesn't screw things up further than they are already. Seems impossible as bad as W and his ilk have made things. Il faut voir, we shall see.


  1. Just to be very clear on this point: the economy will be very bad for a long time. It will get worse before it gets better, regardless of what Obama does. I get nervous when people say "I hope he doesn't make things worse" because, financially, things are going to keep getting worse.

  2. understandably so. Obama has been demonized extensively, as much as he has been deified. Financially, things will continue to spiral downwards. Manufacturing-wise, the US will continue it's march towards a out-sourced supplier base, making very few durable goods on-shore, and buying copious amounts of crap from over-seas. A few things that require advanced technology will remain strong in the US (aircraft, military weapons and delivery systems, gas turbines that power many things, some high speed rotary machinery). Everything else will be imported from Europe, Asia, and elsewhere. Anyone who thinks that Obama can "rescue" the US from this path they've been on, in my opinion, is delusional.

    What I meant by "make things worse" is to have some kind of Clinton-esque sex scandal that distracts everyone, or appoint helluva-job-Brownies, or move closer towards plutocracy and away from the millions who supported and funded and voted for him. I Doubt he'll do worse than W. A psychopath having seizures, with a 100,000 round 30mm depleted uranium equipped minigun in Tiffany's could not do more damage than W and his cronies have.

    His joke about being from Krypton, at the Alfred E Smith dinner, might not have been seen as "a joke" by both his supporters, and his skeptical detractors.

  3. not that it relates to obama directly, but i couldn't really be more disappointed that lieberman was allowed to keep his committee chairmanship. i mean, really? my post-election enthusiasm has gone, er, flacid.

    did he at least promise to stop campaigning for republicans?

  4. I, too, alternated between enraged and deflated over the Lieberman bullshit. Wtf? What more could he have done to warrant losing the chair? Shot someone?

  5. It's strategic, not tactical. Obama wants to truly 'build bridges' and 'reach across the aisle', not just say he does like his predecessor. Supposedly, the Dem caucus was all set to oust him, when Obama called Reid and appealed to not do it, so they are listening to the new boss, and doing as he's asked. There is some satisfaction in "taking the high ground" - yes, a grinding under the heel ousting would have been satisfying in the short term (tactical) but it would not have helped in the long term strategy.

    Maybe.... if he's shot someone, in the face.... ?

  6. I don't buy it. There is a ginormous middle ground between what they did and "grinding" him "under heel". They should have stripped him of homeland security chair and instead given him a chair of lesser cmte. That compromise would have been more than fair.


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