Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dull knives

Life is too short to cook with, or eat with a dull knife. Make a good purchase of stainless steel or inconel cutlery, and everytime you use them in the kitchen or dining room, you'll be happier than before, struggling with the old, dull & weak.


  1. I recommend you sharpen your knives when they get dull.

  2. The old knives were crappy, hand-me-down, made in China junk. The serrated steak knives, were noodle-like in their lack of rigidity. The new Henckels we got last year, I sharpen often, and they slice meats and vegetables like butter.

  3. Good, good. I agree that cooking with dull knives is not worth it. One good knife and one good pan are better than dozens of crappy knives and pot&pan sets. I prefer global knives, but there are any number of good brands that will last a long time and can be sharpened.


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