Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fossil Fuel Focused Feebleminds

Forward-thinking, modern, caring, responsible, altruistic, technologically advanced, deeply considerate Republicans have called for oil-shale mining / drilling / exploitation in Eastern Utah. Utah, you know, that bastion of blue state liberalism. These extremely intelligent fossil fuel advocates say that there's all sorts of modern, cost-effective, ecologically sensitive, responsible ways to extract oil locked into oil-shale. Maybe they really like their massive SUVs, and abhor the thought of having to drive more practical vehicles. Granted, a high clearance 4WD is awesome for farm work, going off-road to rarely visited natural areas, hauling heavy items, driving in deep snow, and such things. How practical is it to take 1 or 2 children to soccer practice? Or be the most popular Dallas TX commuter vehicle with one driver in it? Or try to park a Hummer behemoth in a large city street side or in a parking garage? It ain't.

But diatribe aside, consider how wonderfully sensitive and Low Impact such oil-shale mining and exploration is at these links: here, here, here (including fires), here (big twucks!), here, here (mmmm waste streams) and here. Then, look at the amazing photo below (more links to Jason's amazing work here and here), and try and imagine how this amazing natural beauty could co-exist, un-besmirched, un-sullied, un-affected, but drilling, strip mining, pipelines, transfer access roads, tailings, run-off, air-borne dust, blasting, high-powered subterranean microwaves, et al. Yeah, that'll work just great.

Call or email your Congressman and Senator today. Let'em know how your SUV is much more important than preserving anything like the photos above for future generations.

Of course, after the Rapture [TM], it won't matter now, will it?

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