Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Apoptosis of Steven's Senate Career

Election returns last night signaled apoptosis for one Alaskan. Ted Stevens won't be providing humor on the Senate floor anymore for Americans. Pick your flavor of coverage: Faux, MSNBC, Yahoo, CrooksAndLiars. Did he win? No! If the "Bridge to Nowhere" had lead to a larger constituency, maybe he could have. Stevens was, by many estimates, one of the largest industries in the state of Alaska bringing in over $6 billion in pork.

An added bonus of this defeat is that with Stevens losing, his senate seat won't have to be replaced by the brilliant governor of the 49th state, once his colleagues would have ousted the convicted felon from their exclusive group. Hopefully, she'll drop further off everyone's radar screens as well.

In this hilarious compilation video about the internet being "a series of tubes", the FSM even makes a brief appearance. Enjoy.

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  1. Note also: this youtube video listed here also has the Tube's "Completion Backwards Principle" of my favorites.


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