Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Covered in bear grease & wearing flip flops

This Daily Show piece is hilarious, spot on, poignant. Tag lines include:
- Looks like he's getting an invisible massage
- Looks like Obama came by to pick up McCain's daughter for the school dance
- My friend, you'll get her home by 10 or I'll make you the first female president
- I'm the ACORN worker who registered "Haywood Jablowme" in all 50 states
- Climb Everest covered in bear grease and flip flops
- My sherpa? I'm gonna go with Wilford Brimley
- we want a government that pees very far away from the tent


  1. That's "Heywood Jablome" or "Haywood". See, it's funny because it's like a name. "Hey" is not a name.

  2. "Hey" could be a non-English name. I would not think "Mitt" is a name, yet Mormons believe it is.


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