Monday, November 24, 2008

Privatizing Medicare costs more

What a surprise! - to those who DO NOT understand that privatizing Public Health Care for the elderly is a bad idea, since greed rules, and putting the share holder first, BEFORE the patient, is a really stupid idea, doomed to fail. For me, and the thinking members of society with whom I communicate often, we've all known that privatizing Medicare and Medicaid is / would be / continues to be a bad idea. But it's nice when a factual study comes out that shows clearly, that
...when Medicare is privatized, as it was during Bush's 2003 plan that the Republican congress approved.

How do you privatize compassion, or caring? Where is the profit in providing world class health care to the elderly, poor, indigent? THERE IS NONE. That's why it needs to be a public system, like the rest of the industrialized world has figured out, and from which the US keeps running and hiding. [Olbermann had it featured on today's "BUSHED" but that's not posted yet on MSNBC's site]

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