Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Me of little faith

ladies & gentlemen,
I want to say, 100% of my American co-workers and many of my relatives (paternal and maternal, though thankfully my parents and my maternal uncles and aunts have seen the light) have all expressed firm confidence that McCain will win nationally. It's somewhat disturbing. Perhaps it's delusional... perhaps it's denial... but it's very consistent. If you're a McCain supporter this morning, you're very confident of a win.

I just had an evangelical, reformed tea totaller re-born baptist in Greenville ask me on the phone on a conf call "so how is the great state of Arizona? The home of our future president doing today?" (on a call with a dozen other participants, who all thought the same way as the tea totaller) ... and I responded "I don't know, I do not live in Illinois" ... it was like I had just crapped in the punch bowl, or farted really loudly in an elevator, on the conf call.

I am just wondering, if those of us who have voted for Obama are just in denial, and that the Rovian "get out the vote" machine, combined with caging and inflated voter challenges by the right wing, combined with Diebold corrupting / flipping / skewing results, combined with a looming SCOTUS Obama vs McCain decision later this month, will all add up to 4 more years of unilateral stupidity.

I have this sinking feeling in my gut... that I hope is wrong. It's a feeling Nexium can't resolve.

The people who read this blog (now over 100 or so persons) are intelligent, and informed... perhaps hyper informed... so it seems obvious to most of us that there will be a huge celebration in Grant Park this evening... If the democrats can't pull this off this time, there's very little hope for the future of the American electorate or it's appointed / annointed / elected(?) leaders.

We'll see... il faut voir... parkalam... ya veremos.


  1. As one trapped in a red county in the red state that gave W his second term, I'm right there with you. I'd like to have faith in this country and the electoral process, but at this point it is pretty difficult. I think we need to stop foisting democratic elections onto other countries when it seems nearly insurmountable to have one here.

  2. Joe, at times I've shared your pessimism. We've come to distrust the fascist, er, Republican party so much over the past thirty years that we're seeing demons around every corner.

    But keep in mind that the natural reaction of a troglodyte to adversity is false bravado. Especially in Arizona, where the "hometown" candidate (can you really have a hometown when you own 10 houses?) is about to get his arse handed to him.

    Keep the faith, Joe. It's the one thing that's kept us going through 8 dark years (actually, more like 30). And it's what will push us to victory tonight.

    Should the unthinkable happen, I'll be with you in the streets with molotovs.

  3. I do have an inordinate number of empty wine bottles... and with gas now dropping below $2.50 a gallon, http://www.phoenixgasprices.com/index.aspx?Phoenix&area=PHOENIX&area=Phoenix+-+Central&area=Phoenix+-+East&area=Phoenix+-+NE&area=Phoenix+-+North&area=Phoenix+-+NW&area=Phoenix+-+SE&area=Phoenix+-+South&area=Phoenix+-+SW&area=Phoenix+-+West
    it might be the right time to start filling them up. My pitchfork is wide tined, and only 3 feet long though, sadly... but I have an Inconel machete =)

  4. I was JUST robocalled by McShame (9:40am PHX time) ... is that desperate? This is his home state. Like my buddy Tim said "stay on the line, the longer they're talking to you, the fewer other people they can call".

    My dark and gloomy mood of foreboding is almost lifting...

    il faut voir. We shall see...


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