Monday, November 17, 2008

Focus on others' families

Focus on the Family spends 1/2 a million to pass a gay marriage ban, and then lays off more than 10% of it's work force. Looks like Dobson is less concerned about supporting the families he signs a paycheck for, and would rather impose his fundamentalist agenda into people's lives who disagree with him. How very sad, and very hypocritical.

This hypocritical group also spent large sums of money in a failed attempt to defeat Obama. Yeah, Obama, that guy who has been married once, and who has no evidence dug up of him cheating on his only wife... was supported over an admitted philanderer. Par for the course.

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  1. My friend Jill points out, the quick creationist comments from "Beth" at the bottom of the Colorado Independent article. Most Hilarious!
    "yes i am saying we became more genetically diverse. Adam and Eve were created perfectly. From then on, things got genetically worse."
    What a loon!


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