Thursday, November 6, 2008

Have to hurry! So little time remains!

Since all the right wing predictions, predilections, and threats will be coming true soon, everyone needs to make preparations now, while they still can. Here's what I'm getting ready to do:
  • Buy guns, lots of them. Democrats have always hated the free sale of guns, and they'll limiting the sales of everything more lethal than a squirt gun, come January!
  • Install a gun safe UNDER the house: the democrats will be coming into our homes to take away our firearms.
  • Begin hoarding gasoline, and buy up the V8 power vehicle I've always wanted. Democrats will mandate everyone drives a weenie solar powered car before the summer arrives!
  • Begin learning Arabic - since Obama pals around with terrorists, those of us who can speak Arabic will have a leg up with our future rulers.
  • Begin memorizing NWA lyrics - Obama's daughters will be blasting NWA and other such groups from their rooms in the Whitehouse during official state dinners, and cabinet meetings. Soon, F*ck da Police will replace our National Anthem.
  • Learn how to make pipe bombs, since according to William Bennett and many other "respected" Republicans, Bill Ayres will be named Secretary of Education.
  • Move all my money to over-seas bank accounts - since Obama wants to spread my money around to everyone who makes less than I do in the US.
  • Begin studying the Qaran, since Obama is a secret Muslim, and will make everyone in the US convert to that religion.
  • Begin preparing to impregnate lots of women, who can all go out and have abortions right up through their 9th month, since Obama has no respect for human life and wants everyone to have abortions.
  • Watch Only Faux News, since it remains the only "Fair and Balanced" source of information.. but they need to fire that damn Shepard Smith... he's starting to talk crazy talk!
There's just so much to... and so little time to get it done! Please, let me know what you're doing in your homes, to prepare for this dark, terrible, liberal, lawless time ahead that our once great nation now faces!

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