Monday, July 26, 2010

Cheesy Accompaniment

Organic dried apples from "Bare Fruit" are now being sold at Costco. I have found that when real, juicy, actual organic apples are not available to be sliced and dipped into warm brie, that these make a delicious cheesy accompaniment.

I was planning on a long post about dipping apples into brie, but my test results have "soured" my outlook on fruits somewhat, so I'll not laud them as much as previously planned, and instead, mention some alternatives I developed this last week, prior to hearing by from my primary care physician.

Hard cheeses, like sliced Gouda for example, make a wonderful accompaniment to organic hummus, for dipping and 'scooping'. I've not tried hard cheese with brie at home, but we DID eat at Sophie's Bistro last Friday night, and got the 3 cheese appetizer, wherein I scooped up the Camembert and the Murca Al Vino with the harder Fromager D'Affinois.

This afternoon, to finish off some organic hummus, I used a rolled slice of Polish ham from the Warsaw Market. Tasty, and complimentary.

And if you notice, the number 1 threat on the Colbert Threat Down - Bears! Bare Bears! LOL!

Silly marketers.

Don't get me started on Mad Men... ugh! Who is Don Draper? Just another pretender trying to be someone he's not while putting on a show for everyone, in-authentically - and the weeny likes to be slapped. That, I Do Not get at all. Hidden secret? No, classic character trait of a beta male who tries too hard - but what do I know, I'm no psychologist. I just know I'd never pay a hooker to slap me.

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