Monday, July 12, 2010

Comments Enabled

Because of dumbass Chinese spammers, like 芸茂芸茂, 佳宣佳宣, 珮陽 and other made up / co-oped, fake names who try to impersonate Joe M, Pyker, and Matt, I've had to enable comment moderation here. Each of these "小女孩有小陰莖誰" (translated here) will have to go harass other bloggers and their readers with their sad little attempts at trying to trick gullible Westerners into clicking on blind links like _._._._._.. For anyone who has visited the JustJoeP blog and accidentally clicked on one of the previously posts by useless Asian grogans before I could delete their inane, feeble, relentless attempts, please let me know if any ill effects befell your computer. I hope all is well.

- JustJoeP, the troll exterminator ("
巨魔灭鼠药" - translated here)


  1. I still don't understand what the angle is. People actually click on the "..." links?

    Or is this all part of a Chinese plot to simply annoy the hell out of the west?

  2. The insidious parts I have found are two fold. First, if you cursor over the Chinese characters, they spell out "Joe M" or "pyker" in an English cloud meta-window. But when you look at the Mozilla "bottom of the screen border bar" they show the ridiculous address that the characters and "...."s are leading to. Usually, it is a ".info" or a aspx site that will try to auto-load some kind of BS onto your computer.

    Then... the next thing I noticed it does... AFTER I delete it... somehow it mutates google blogger's link to the posting... and like this post... "" gets transformed into a 3 or 4 line string of characters immediately AFTER deleting the obnoxious spam as in "would you like to return to http://kjhgfdhjhgdjhjwhfhlskfhhfsludhqgwedweirprtrejgejngiuheoqwjiejnfuifwonfeuioqhdonweofwehfnwenfweiofjwewnefowefhwoffpke" (not an actual string, just used as an example for illustration purposes) posted at the top of the blogger admin window. I DO NOT click it.. since I don't want to go to that bizarre string of characters that do not resemble, in any way or language "" .. so I DO NOT click on it, and instead, return to my book mark to get back to my blog. If you are interested, I can cut and paste the link to you in an email, and you (or Joe M, or Zim, anyone who is more web savvy than I) can dissect it if you'd like. I will continue to err on the side of caution.

    I don't think anyone INTENTIONALLY clicks on the stupid links... but the spammers (I suppose) are hoping people will do it it accidentally / carelessly / or hurriedly when they are not paying attention.. or via mobile device where the address line characters are hard to read and an accidental thumb cursor move is not difficult to make.

  3. ...and spammers, I Know you are posting manually. The captcha security feature I leave turned on, and I've not heard of an accurate subroutine that can circumvent the annoying captcha.

    ...and I know from visiting China in the 90s and early 2000s that you're making about $5 a day - maybe $10 a day, if you're living large. So you can waste your entire life, sending me stupid spam links, that get your employer no traffic, and die one day a very sad, lonely, unsuccessful, unaccomplished spammer, breathing in your lead and cadmium, heating your home with charcoal, living in 10 million person cities that are devoid of all avian life because your fellow comrades have eaten them, having your old grouchy neighbor in an orange vest with a wicker broom report on all of your pathetic activities to your local party's office, presenting your papers at highway toll booths each time you try to drive to another region, believing Mao's 1960 adage "Ahead of Britain in 30 years" - yeah... right.

    Good luck with that, Chinese spammers!

    Oh.. and Ron... the final return link is benign. I just checked it on one comment I deleted... and it simply leads back to the blog, unaltered. Like this:

  4. I had to do the same thing a while back. I think there are some spam bots out there that can read Captcha words. But I suspect some of them are manual.

    I wish Blogger would include a "Report This User" feature.

  5. it DOES have a report this user.... but they keep creating fake names, so I am not sure it has any positive effect.


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