Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When the Levee Breaks

The inflatable "dam" on Tempe Town "Lake" ruptured last night (link here)... sending a Very Wet Winter's worth of water downstream into the dry Salt River. In this case, it wasn't "if it keep on rainin" ... no, it was the relentless UV and +110F heat that degraded the elastomeric dam.

Hearing Bonham's drumming (specifically his staccato snare and no-ring-thud-bass) reminds me happily of good ole Bernard Purdie (video link here courtesy of Todd M). Unconvinced? Listen to a 'drum only track' of Fool in the Rain (link here). Video at the 0:58 mark looks SO Much like Rob Klonel - the quad-tom & drum set player 2 years older than me in high school who was both freaky & cool at the same time. I still remember the September afternoon my sophomore year, during marching band drum sectional practice where Rob came running up say "Ohhhh Man! Bonzo's dead! The concert's canceled man!!"

'It's partly cloudy, and 102 at KJazz, the time is 3:48' - a balmy 30% relative humidity today.

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