Sunday, July 11, 2010

"I've got to return some videotapes."

We DVR'ed and watched American Psycho on IFC last night. Neither Dr Desert Flower nor I had ever seen the movie in its entirety before. Sick, twisted, darkly hilarious in how over-the-top it was. I don't think Mary Harron meant for it to be funny in it's narcissistic, excess, materialistic, detached nature, but I could not stop from laughing, repeatedly, at the silliness & absurdity of many of the scenes. Parts of the sound track are awesome - especially the club music, but the in-depth analysis of the vacuous pop songs Patrick Bateman so thoroughly believes in - truly ridiculous.

Perhaps Harron has a misandrist streak in her... or just a low tolerance for the douche-baggery of Wall Street do-nothings who obsess about their business cards... I have not seen her other work, but she does appear to have potential. "I've got to return some videotapes."

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