Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Treasures For Teachers

Last Thursday, just before I turned off the TV which had finished DVR'ing the "News Hour" on PBS, they were airing an interview with one of the board members of "Treasures For Teachers" in Tempe. The nice lady in the interview said they can not only use school supplies, but old buckets, pails, blanks, cleaned bottles, etc... and it Hit me! I had 50 Free Range Organic egg cartons I'd been saving up, about 3 dozen Trader Joe's coffee cans, an old Pentium 1 computer with a crashed hard disk, and a dozen Tidy Cat kitty litter buckets... someone can use them!

So Saturday, Doctor Desert Flower and I trekked over to Tempe, which was not far from her newly relocated lab, and I emptied all the surplus raw material. I took with me, the old 1 HP pump with failed bearing seals, and an old Raintree sprinkler controller that had fried from lightening, and asked the guy handling receiving behind TforT "do you take materials for High School shop class projects?" "Sure!" he replied, so I left them the Irritrol box and the motor as well. Hopefully they'll help some kid learn how to rebuild a motor and a circuit board someday.

Treasures For Teachers is a very large, apparently efficient operation. A dozen high school kids sorting materials, a few middle aged men doing some heavy lifting, and a handful of determined, 'get it done' women in charge. If you've got left-over, usable manufacturing materials, consider donating them there.

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