Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Homard Triste

After entering our lives (and our hearts, sniff) 34 months ago, bought on clearance in the Fall of 2007, our inflatable lobster has succumb to the relentless UV and +110F heat of Arizona.

'Alas poor Homer, I knew him well.'
(I do not know any Yoricks)

Homer was a little unwieldy to float upon or ride, whether you were a 40 lb three year old, or a 100 KG adult, his convex exoskeleton contour pushed the center of gravity of the rider high enough to be unstable.

I still remember the day when the little Mexican boys from next door, brought Homer to the front door on a rather windy August day in 2008, and said "he flew over da fence" and handed Homer to me. Bougainvilleas, Cacti, abrasive cinder blocks, Ocotillo, all were no match for Homer, as he survived each external threat, but the intense UV broke him down, on a molecular level, embrittling his very essence, until one final gasp, let the wind out of him.

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