Friday, July 16, 2010

Gmail Mozilla Adblock Incompatibility

2 days ago, an advertisement appeared across the top of my Gmail inbox, and it was related to something I didn't care about whatsoever. Since I run Mozilla Firefox and have installed Adblock Plus and I detest intrusive ads, I right mouse clicked on it, and added it to my blocked list.


The next day, when I tried to log into my Gmail, it refused to load in "standard" mode, and would only load in the stripped down "basic HTML" mode. I had no idea why, and googled a few combinations... and then I recalled off-hand that I'd blocked it. Opening up Adblock Plus, I removed Gmail from the list, and viola, Gmail loaded normally again.

"Don't be evil" ... well, maybe... but "Don't be insidious / devious by requiring the downloading of ads FIRST before any email is loaded" is certainly not in Google's mission statement. And as of 2009, the lovely Marrissa Mayer quietly helped to rewrite their "Owner's Manual".

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