Thursday, July 8, 2010

Slithering Seattle Safeway

Over at PR watch, they posted this sneaky, disturbing story (link here) about a Seattle Safeway grocery store who advertised a "Farmers Market", when all it consisted of was Safeway employees, with tables and tents in the parking lot, trying to sell trucked in Safeway produce, impersonating local farmers. Ugh! It's a violation of Washington State Statues to "pretend" to be a Farmer's Market.

At the Safeway here in Goodyear AZ where Dr Desert Flower likes to shop sometimes, they play really cool music in the over-head speakers - we are usually there after dinner around 8 or 9pm, on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday if we are there at all (about once every 2 months or so). They have an over-priced specialty food aisle, and a moderate selection of organic foods. The wine selection is typical big-chain grocery store blase'. Deli is so-so... but I've taken to getting my protein from the Warsaw Market Polish deli, which is 1/2 the distance away and 1/100th the square footage. With the Seattle caper now noted, I will keep a skeptical eye out for similar shenanigans here in Arizona.

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