Monday, July 5, 2010

Gulf Cash Economy? Too Bad For You

You don't get to live in a cash economy your whole life, avoiding paying taxes, embracing small government, voting reddest of the red state Republican, wanting no government involvement in your life (dag nab-it!) AND THEN demand the 'guvmint has to bail you out', when the end result of those "hands off" policies result in the destruction of your cash economy livelihood. There's a huge cash economy in the Gulf of Mexico - or rather, there used to be (link here). Now that fishing has been banned, that economic engine will begin to grind to a halt. Don't expect BP, or the Federal Government, or anyone else, to pay you for lost wages, when for years / generations you've not been claiming any income, not paying Federal or state taxes, and wanting the government to stay out of your life.

I have no sympathy or compassion for small businessmen or individuals who have lived their whole Bubba-Gump-akin lives in a cash economy, and now angrily growl that their lives are ruined and they can't git no compensation. You've lived for, voted for, believed in, a "hands off", small government, libertarian paradise. Good luck trying to justify your claim for compensation. For those who have been paying their taxes, and living in an accountable economy, the $20 Billion compensation fund that the Obama administration requested BP set up, is already paying out claims.

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