Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ahoy Rotterdam, Rush Snakes & Arrows

Just finished watching (as I typed up the last 2 blog postings) the Rush, Snakes & Arrows concert in The Netherlands (congratulations Spain, on getting fewer damaging yellow cards earlier today). Direct TV had it in HD, and thanks to Dr. Todd, my wonderful wife DVR'ed it for me this week. Tip of the hat to Todd The -Man-Maney, the highly stressed Clinical Services VP, or I would have missed this TV airing completely.

"Blah Blah Blah" on Geddy's t-shirt? A herd of dinosaurs on the amps and stage? A guy in a chicken suit coming out to baste the rotisserie chickens on stage? A small pack of toll dolls bordering Alex Lifeson's taurus pedals? These are the things I did not notice when Rush played at Cricket Pavilion here in West Phoenix last year and I walked there from my home to see them. The aerial shots of Neal on the drum kit from above we're beautifully timed - though I noticed a distinct lack of any smile or positive emotion on Neal's face throughout 90% of the Direct TV broadcast. I make weird 'Michael Jordan-like" facial movements when I play, and when I try to mimic Peart's rhythms, I contort even more. Alex was having a great time playing in front of the Dutch. Geddy seemed to be enjoying the performance.. but Neal appeared to plod through most of the concert - "stoic" approaches the best word to describe how he looked. During "The Spirit of the Radio" when the absurd chicken baster came onstage, Neal actually smiled for the first time... but then returned to stoic, perhaps 'exhausted'... he has been at it for 30 years now...

These three still produce more technically difficult, synchronized sounds, fluidly, powerfully, than any other trio I've heard. I hope they keep it up for as long as they enjoy it.

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  1. I think the "Blah, Blah, Blah" is a reference to the Iggy Pop album.

    Now there's a concept: An Iggy-Geddy duet!


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