Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fun Loving Austrians

I've enjoyed each of my 3 trips to Austria for business. Vienna's (Wein) airport is efficient, clean, and friendly. Many people try to speak English and indulge my non-fluent German speaking attempts. The steel mill I visited had no smell, made only a murmur of noise outside the giant blast doors, and was located less than a kilometer away from a river side sewage treatment plant that neither Looked, Nor Smelled like a sewage treatment plant - painted in murals and without a nasty stench. In general, over 3 trips (each lasting 2 to 3 days) I've found Eastern Austria to be a wonderful place to visit, post card picturesque.

So today, when I got a humorous email from my Godfather regarding a particular small mountain village just north of Salzburg Austria, I chuckled. Then I checked Snopes (link here - but warning, have your Adblocker on), and then checked Google Maps (link here), and just Googled it (link here and here).

Oh, those silly Austrians!

[disclaimer - you MIGHT not want to check this link on a work computer, just in case you have draconian overlords watching all of your traffic]

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