Thursday, July 8, 2010


Stephen Colbert appeared to be not feeling well Monday, on his July 5th show (DVR'ed, and finally caught up today). The intro word he leapt over was "FLURPY" ? WTF is "flurpy"? Urban dictionary is not much help... and in this case could actually be a Colbert Nation plant.

In this same episode, Stephen sits fire side, with his mantle inscribed "videri quam esse" - 'to be, rather than seem to be'.


  1. wait wait... Colbert's Latin quote is IN REVERSE! =) He's seeming to be, rather than "to be" ... duh. I get it now. Actually a little too obvious...

  2. A little problem with the "in reverse" bit-- Word order in Latin does not matter at all. It could have said Quam Videri Esse and still meant the same thing. Only changing the conjugation changes the meaning of words in a sentence.

    As for flurpy, *shrug*.


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