Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rick's Homologue

I think I have found my friend Rick Karr's homologue. At 27 years old, the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) is too old to be Rick's son, unless Matt's lying about his age. My first thought, was that Smith was Rick's progeny, but Rick's appearance in the UK was not until Smith was in grade school, so the time line does not hold up.

Unconvinced? Look back at images from 1986 and 1989 ---->

See, the RGK of the late 80s is actually regenerated as the Eleventh Doctor, on Doctor Who!

I still think David Tennant's Tenth Doctor is a better incarnation than Smith's version - and he wore the same ties that we wore in the 80s, in contrast to Smith's anachronistic bow tie, but chacun ses merde.

If Rick had a sonic screw driver, he wouldn't need a lighter! LOL! =P


  1. ZIM said: (and I clicked the "reject" button accidentally)

    What is that photo of myself, John and Rick? And whose foot is that? I don't recall the room.

    I think some facebook photo tagging is in order.

  2. That couch was given to Traci by her Aunt & Uncle, and it was taken to Bloomington, where it rested in her apartment on the East side of town - and where I proposed marriage to Trac as well (anecdotally). There's another photo where you are holding the green stuffed poodle "Quiche Lorraine" that placed this in 1986 I believe, in Bloomington. The foot, I believe, is Traci's former B'ton roommate from Kentucky, Jenny's. The kneeling photo is my parent's living room, and the middle GQ pic is in Bright Indiana at our wedding.

    I have another scanned photo of you catching the garter in Traci's mom's front yard - or wrestling my roommate Tom Vogler for it! I can email it to you if you'd like =)

  3. yes, please forward any/all!



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