Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just the "Fat Pad"

OK, well, it's good to have very smart friends, who are very good at their jobs and know their stuff. I know very little about human anatomy, and how to repair injuries, but that doesn't stop me from putting up misguided blog posts with my incorrect theories. While a pica synovialis mediopatelaris injury "sounds" more intense (and cooler) ... when consulting with a keenly observant, degreed, experienced Western Medical Doctor who is one of Maine's leading Hospitalists:

"if it is anterior (front of the knee pain) at the bottom and just below your knee cap, then your mechanism of injury suggests fat pad impingement or irritation, as in:
" if a swimmer presented reporting pain following ... a forceful extension of the knee, the practitioner should suspect an irritated fat pad"
  • Rest and avoiding aggravating activities.
  • Ice or cold therapy to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Electrotherapy such as ultrasound and TENS.
  • Muscle strengthening exercises to maintain the strength and fitness of the surrounding muscle groups
  • Taping the patella is known to be highly effective in fat pad impingement. One method involves taping the upper surface of the patella to allow more space for the structures beneath the lower surfaces i.e. the fat pad, and so putting them under less stress.
  • anyway- ice, rest and anti-inflammatories (with food) are always good for knee pain."

    Dern it! It's just my "fat pad"!

    I have avoided irritating it, used cold compresses, and have been taking a NSAID to reduce the swelling.

    Now I seem to have a hankering for some tuna.... and a bowl of cream... =)

    Thanks Claudia, for the unofficial / anecdotal / but very helpful consult.

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