Sunday, July 4, 2010

On the fourth...

Wireless poolside...pool's the optimal temp. Perfect Phoenix Summer Weather, 110F with 10% humidity. My perfectly painted & sealed pool deck (which I touched up this morning before 9am) drying all around me. Jane's Addiction and B-52s playing on the Ipod through speakers for the neighborhood to hear. Sun's going down now. Pool's the optimal temperature (about 89F). I have a new favorite drink: Talking Heads playing. Black Bandeau bikini lookin fine on Dr. DF. And I have a new favorite poolside drink:
32oz Thermos covered cup (to keep out the bees!)
fill 1/2 way with ice
4 oz of Trader Joe's Organic Lemonade
2 shots of Costco Vodka
2 shots of Cruzan dark rum
a handful of blue berries
fill to top of the ice with Malibu Rum
add about 8 oz of Vola inexpensive Trader Joe's red wine (Sangiovese)
1 shot off lemonchello... add
ice to the top of the glass
stir vigorously
drink slowly poolside, while floating, child-free... at your leisure thr0ughout the afternoon
(proactively covering yourself in factor 30 SPF sunblock)

come visit us - call ahead to make sure we are home

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  1. wow, I guess honored... I should be honored... TWO Chinese spammers in the same day!!!! For those of you with RS feeds, I apologize.


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