Thursday, June 4, 2009

Exponential Exposure Rate?

It looks like JustJoeP is experiencing an exponential growth rate in site visits in the one year of its existence, since Pyker first convinced me to stop using email broadcasts and blog it instead in May '08. 2,675 visits from 66 countries 2 months ago, grown to 4,067 from 86 countries 2 months later (noting that Google Analytics was only enabled 6 months ago, 1/2 way through the first year).

I never imagined that so many humans would want to spend so much time, collectively, listening to my rantings. Only 1 angry antagonist commenter in this first year. Many creative commenters and contributors, from various walks of life, countries, age groups, and political affiliations - thanks to all!

South Dakota and Mississippi are still hold outs...

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  1. Excellent. Congrats on your global exposure!


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