Saturday, June 13, 2009

0.0507% Nationalized

For all the Libertarians and Republicans and other self proclaimed "small government" advocates who are hysterically shouting about how President Obama is a Socialist, or a Communist, and how he's nationalizing American businesses, and the American way of life is going to hell in a hand basket as the 'free market' and Capitalism is being over-run by 'Big Government' and we're all going to be reading Marx and joining agricultural cooperatives soon, I offer this insightful graphic from this month's Atlantic:

Yeah, that's 0.0507% of all the businesses in America have been nationalized. A giant tidal way of Federal control, a cultural and socio-economic tsunami. Give me a break! Hey, paranoid, sensational, hysterical morons, STFU! Let me know when this number begins to approach 10%, like in some Western European countries, or over 50%, like it is in China or Cuba or North Korea.

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