Monday, June 22, 2009

If you're not sick, we're not doing our job.

This Real Time with Bill Maher ad for the AMA is priceless - and at the same time, disgustingly accurate. Dr Desert Flower and I have had all of the situations that the ad mocks happen with our employer provided health care plans.

And yes, the MAJORITY of Americans agree, that the private market, profit driven, US health care system, is not working. Yes, most medical doctors (who are not consultants or directly employed by insurance companies - ergo, "between you and your physician") are good people trying to do a good job to help their patients. It's just the American system that is preventing them from doing so, cost effectively.

"Reform? Messing with a system this good is a recipe for disaster. The AMA, 'If you're not sick, we're not doing our job.' "

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