Saturday, June 20, 2009

Opportunistic Sperm Whales

Check out the video from Science Friday. of a sperm whale stealing fish from an Alaskan long line.


  1. You can see Russia from there!

    BTW - Have you seen the reality series Whale Wars on Animal Planet? If you can set aside the cheesy slow pace of "reality" shows, it's pretty interesting.

  2. I had not seen that yet. They over-dramatized, sensationalized, low-on-substance pace of reality shows is a HUGE dissuasive factor for me, but DVR-ed it might not be so bad.

    Saw Real time with Bill Maher last night from last Friday (we were out drinking good wine again last Friday). Bill had Meghan McCain as his guest. She's a light weight, in the same sparring class with Palin, while she tries to play the 'future of the Republican party' spokes person. So sad that the Republicans continue to flounder without anyone rational and intelligent who can speak coherently - someone like a Gingrich, but without the martial infidelity, the ego-mania, the fixation on tax cuts, the AARP card, and the vindictiveness. Oh well.


    Watch it! LOL!


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