Saturday, July 12, 2008

"right said fred"

I got my first hate-blogger comments today! Man, I feel so special! LOL!

Some judgmental semi-sentient named "fred" (who hides his ID, as true cowards are prone to do) decided to blast several of my blog postings with negative comments. I guess it helped him to vent as he attempted to belittle my observations, but all of his 'criticisms' only served to reveal his true character. It's pretty amusing.

My friend Jason sent me this link to a World of Warcraft "Right Said Fred" video... which makes me laugh each time it plays.

I've tried to embed it here into this posting... but I am not sure I got the HTML coding right. (I am still only semi-literate on using the Internets)

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  1. first rule of the internets: don't feed the trolls


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