Monday, June 15, 2009

The illusion of low nicotine cigarettes

I heard on "Talk of the Nation" last week, a caller who admitted he was addicted to nicotine, and he fully understood why Philip Morris sponsored the recent legislation to regulate cigarettes by the FDA, which includes as one of itself fundamental building blocks, promoting "low nicotine" cigarettes. The caller said with a sad laugh that he smoked far more "low nicotine" cigarettes (5 to 10 times more) than he ever did on "normal cigarettes". "Your body knows how much nicotine it is used to, and you'll keep smoking until you get it" the caller said.

A quick Google search shows Pubmed scientific papers published by the Japanese and in Nature by NY scientists and by the Canadians that prove this hypothesis. How wonderful this new legislation will be for Philip Morris's North American sales!

I'm glad I never got addicted to nicotine when I used to occasionally indulge in it before Christopher was born.


  1. Yeah, you'd assume they'd be opposed to regulation, but instead they've got quite a racket going.

  2. Ah, but now I want a cigarette. Thanks! Fortunately, I've got some of these.


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