Friday, June 5, 2009

Mango Slicing & Skin Considerations

To conclude my delicious lunch today, I had a yummy Mexican mango, sliced with a very sharp knife. Living in AZ has it's geographical proximity advantages, with Mexico and California, bringing in reasonably priced fresh produce (only 88 cents, not bad).

As I discarded the dark, thick mango skin, and shaved as close to the massive ovalesque pit for the light orange sweetness, I wondered 1) "does anyone eat the skin?" and 2) "is there a better way to cut these things up?"

Well, a few google searches later, I found the answer to # 2 - I was cutting it in the optimum way, and I learned a few new techniques too, here, here and here. the answer to # 1, has mixed results. Some people say it helps in digestion, some say it helps to avoid stomach cancer (unsubstantiated), some say it lowers cholesterol (again, unsubstantiated by science), but others say they dispose of the skin due to its toughness and in an effort to avoid pesticides and dirt that may remain on the waxy, very thick skin. I've tried washing mangoes, it's not so easy to get them pristine on the thick reddish skinned ones, and they frequently don't look so good despite the fruit meat beneath being absolutely delicious! The yellow Asian mangos, with the thinner skin

If you frequently enjoy eating the skins, or if you have legitimate reasons why you would not want to ever eat the skin, please comment here, and let me know. I'd like to hear your perspective.

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