Saturday, June 6, 2009

Beer Pool Yoga

After hacking down 2 abandoned adjacent neighbors' backyard weeds for 90 minutes (a sharp shovel does wonders, stabbing and cutting off an inch above the ground 6ft tall weeds), and transplanting lots of aloe around the pool, I needed to medicate with beer AND stretch constricted muscles, so I happened upon a new concept: Beer Pool Yoga. Beer Pool Yoga combines the refreshing feel and natural buoyancy of 82F degree water, abundant AZ sunshine, and mild intoxication for pain relief, while stretching core, shoulder, and leg muscle groups.

Sure, who hasn't drank beer around the pool? And from time to time, doing yoga near, or even in the pool has a nice tranquility about it, but drinking cold beer IN the pool, while also doing various standing and balance poses, is an enjoyable new combination I will be doing often this summer - or at least until Thanksgiving, when the pool will be too cold to comfortably get in.

Glass containers are encouraged at our pool, where responsible adults consume delicious beverages. =)


  1. Googling "beer pool yoga" does not find this posting... hmmm.

  2. I think even mighty google needs more than 15 minutes to index your beer pool yoga concept.

    At first I thought "beer pool yoga" meant a pool filled with beer, rather than "beer, pool, yoga".

  3. Sounds nice. Jello Kiddie-Pool Strippers is also a great way to spend a warm Sabbath afternoon.


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