Thursday, June 25, 2009

Arne Duncan Loves Libraries

Listening to Diane Rehm on the radio this morning, she has Secretary of Education Arne Duncan on as a guest. For the 4th time, he said "we have to keep libraries open, we have to continue to make that investment". The 4th time, was when a caller from Ohio inquired about that state's budget short falls, and Secretary Duncan said "We're sending alot of federal funding to Ohio. We have to keep libraries open..."

[As JustJoeP gets hundreds of hits from Ohio each month, and most people don't have the luxury of being able to listen to the radio as they work, so I thought I'd include that anecdote here. I love libraries too, and I think that libraries, electrical grids, water supplies, sewage systems, internet connectivity, prison systems, health care systems, degree of Freedom From Religion, and soup kitchens (as a composite, considered all-together) gauge a society's civility and advancement.]

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  1. From Duncan's lips to Strickland's ears.
    The showing of support for libraries has been phenomenal this week - let's hope that the legislature responds appropriately.

    Ironically, Ted Strickland is one of the few governors in the country with an ALA "Read" Poster.


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