Friday, June 5, 2009

Juan Williams, Faux News

Listening to Diane Rehm this morning on the radio, and hearing Juan Williams repeating Republican talking points, I firmly believe that it is an injustice to NPR to say "Juan Williams, NPR". His time on the Faux News network has helped to mould his perspective to that of the very vocal and very biased right. He's not in the same category of Jim Lehrer or Bill Moyers, and placing "NPR" as his main employer and affiliation has gotten to the point where it has begun to denigrate public broadcasting.

I've not heard enough of Mara Liasson's Faux News or other outputs in recent months/years, to see if she has been equally swayed by her sensational, jingoistic, extremist right wing colleagues. Punching Bag Alan Colmes had enough of Hannity's shrill histrionics, but has not escaped Faux's gravitational pull.

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