Monday, June 15, 2009

Cherry Ice Cream Smile...

"Moving on the floor now babe, you're a bird of paradise.
Cherry ice cream smile I suppose it's very nice."

Last year, Dr. Desert Flower and I planted a tiny little 1 gallon bird of paradise from a local nursery, bought for like $3.99, in our front courtyard, in an area that was shaded most of the year by our 2 story neighbor to the South, and by our home after 2 pm, a few feet East of the house. We'd seen these full, huge, gorgeous plants around Phoenix, and thought it might be lovely to have one in our yard. In the shade, the bird of paradise languished, for about 6 months, growing a few inches in that time, completely stunted.

Then, last Easter, we transplanted the Bird of paradise from the shady corner, next to the turret. WOW! Once the heat climbed over 100F (as it did in April this year) the heat activated growth signals in the plant began to Go crazy. Both the bird of paradise and the bougainvillea will need to be trimmed next weekend, before they completely take over the court yard and sidewalk.

"At the end of the drive, the lawmen arrive..."

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