Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bordeaux Indulgence

Celebrating some awesome news for Dr. Desert Flower's professional advancement last night, we had a nice dinner at Coupe des Tartes here in Phoenix - the location selected for it's BYOB policy. The two amazing bottles below, were enjoyed during the dinner. The CHÂTEAU MEYNEY, CRU BOURGEOIS, SAINT-ESTÈPHE '98 I purchased from a former colleague who was liquidating his cave due to a over-seas relocation 9 years ago, for a whole $15. It's gone up in value about 3X. It started out with a strong mineral finish, but as it went from cave to room temperature, it aged superbly. Great with Brie and opening courses. The Chateau De Labourgade 2000 I purchased at a Monoprix in 2000, back when a plane traveller could carry a bottle of wine in his carry-on and not be considered a terrorist. It's tripled in value also, and was sooooo smooth, for the main courses and finishing touches.

Every now and then, it is nice to be able to indulge in a good wine that's been babied, and kept safe for 9 years, with good friends!


  1. So what's the career accomplishment? Are congrats in order?

  2. Yes indeed, they are! =) I am happy to say that the brilliant, motivated, experienced, insightful, intelligent, well spoken, professional Dr. Desert Flower has secured employment at a private laboratory as a "Sr. Scientist" where she will be starting the first week of July as the director of the lab that develops new tests for cancer. She'll have 5 scientists reporting directly to her, and another 5 shared / dotted line with another director.

    It's a large step up from her current post-doctoral fellowship, in responsibility, salary, flexibility, and freedom from the trials of grant writing! It's also a testament to her more-than-a-decade of experience in science, working with patients to increase the greater good. I am quite proud of her, and I knew it was just a matter of time before she was recognized for her greatness. "People are happy to give up their tumors, but they don't want to give up their brains" - quote of the day from Dr. DF =)


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