Monday, June 15, 2009

More Fear Mongering Debunked

In this case, it is the Right Wing rhetoric about the evils and dangers the Canadian Health Care system. OOOoooooo, scary stuff! The Right Wing, and the Republicans are exceptionally good at fear mongering - you'll have to wait, you won't have a doctor available, you won't have a choice, your health care (and your life!) will suffer! Here's a nice factual piece, written by someone as uniformed as a clinical psychologist who is Canadien but who has been living and working in America for the last 17 years.

Every time I hear McConnell, or Boehner, or any of a dozen different elected Republican leaders talk about how terrible US health care will get, I want to refer them back to the facts, and away from the baseless fear mongering they love to spout. No one is coming to get my guns, or force me to gay marry, or make me have an abortion. No, this is about my country's, my family's, my son's, and my health care system THAT IS BROKEN.

Tip of the hat to my buddy Matt for the link, and to the nearly 2000 year old quote from another Matthew as well.

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