Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Enforcers of the 1%'s Power

This is an excellent perspective, and important to keep in mind.  I found it rather poignant. (link here)

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  1. A rather angry and narrow minded blog visitor, one "Roy Dahlin" wrote a very disturbed comment on this posting on 26May2016, that shows
    1) he doesn't read this blog, he just cherry picks and then angrily attacks, in a haphazard manner
    2) he limits the decline of the middle class to "the last seven years" because obviously, under George W everyone thrived, all ships were lifted on a rising tide of prosperity
    3) he labels me as a "whiner" when he doesn't know me and hasn't read even 0.01% of what I've posted here... very troll-like tactic to employ
    4) he has bought the Fox News narrative that the IRS "attacks" only conservative lobbying groups, when it has been repeatedly proven that the IRS is an equal opportunity scrutinizer and looked at all sort of lobbying groups, both left and right leaning
    5) he truly hates The Affordable Health Care Act, which has saved 1000s of lives and kept many families from going bankrupt... but the AHCA is a favorite target or rabid ideologues who want to point to something, anything, that is a visible symbol of what they hate about America.
    6) "It's your kind's fault everything is in the current mess that it is" ... sorry "Roy", you don't know me, and you have no idea "what kind" of person I am or I am not, ut you're making it Very Clear what kind of person you are.

    Roy's rant is included here, without editing:
    "You liberals whine about the "1%" and the "police state" when you're the ones who've been running the country for the last seven years. You vilify and attack law enforcement but then shower praise all over the politicians who create the laws you deliberately pick and choose. You demand Obamacare is the "law of the land" and laugh when the IRS targets conservatives and when police officers, border patrol, and other peace officers are killed in action, or worse made into political examples and punished when doing their jobs of protecting the likes of you, and then dare have the nerve to whine about the state? It's your kind's fault everything is in the current mess that it is. Every city and every state run by the left is ripe with poverty, unemployment, rampant taxation, corruption, and just sheer misery. You don't create, you destroy. "

    I can assume that "Roy" is a Trump supporter, and would probably enjoy physically assaulting anyone who disagrees with him (at a political rally, or in a stair well, or any where that he could get away with it, to vent his pent up frustration). There's no reasoning with Trump supporters, since they don't embrace facts and construct their own perspectives based upon truthiness that they "feel" in their guts.

    My old friend Ron told me a long time ago, when I first began this blog in 2008: "don't feed the trolls". I won't throw fuel on the fire "Roy" is trying to stoke, but I will eviscerate, block, dissect, and debunk each one of his angry and misguided attacks (it's one of the nice things about having a moderated comments section) = )


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