Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Obama Waters Down Federal Regulations More Than Bush

You still have the delusion belief that the Obama Administration is anti-corporate, pro-regulation, anti-"job creator"?  Well, the facts do not support your case.  In fact, the Obama administration has enabled the watering down or elimination of more regulations in just 3 short years than the Bush Administration did.  I'm sorry if this does not support a right wing version of the world viewed through a partisan lens, but the fact is that the Obama administration has reduced or re-written, at K street lobbyists insistence, more federal regulations: (link here to Ari Shapiro's excellent story on NPR)

"We studied the records of 1,080 meetings that have been held at OIRA over the last 10 years," said Rena Steinzor, CPR's president. "And we found that OIRA has changed 84 percent of environmental regulations, and 65 percent of other agencies' regulations, and the change rate is worse than it was under George W. Bush."

Yes, Obama and his OIRA head Cass Sunstein, have enabled corporate lobbyists more influence, more access, and more leverage on re-writing and reducing Federal Regulations than the Bush administration ever did.  This is the same Cass Sunstein who insane-clown-with-a-more-insane-posse Glen Beck labeled a "communist & marxist".  

Every time I hear some Tea Partyer, or Republican devotee state how Obama is "killing jobs" with "regulations" I want & need to remind them of the facts.  If the corporate plutocrats are re-writing the Federal Regulations that are supposed to be protecting the citizens of this once great country, watering it down to their liking and satisfaction, then their minions (the Republicans) do not get to complain.


  1. One of the many, many reasons I will not be voting for Obama in 2012. We needed FDR and we got Clinton redux.

  2. I agree on the FDR statement, but President Romney, or President Huntsman, or President Gingrich will certainly be worse. I don't think I can live 8 years under a nihilistic Republican regime, who will most likely launch a preemptive war against Iran.


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