Thursday, December 1, 2011


"Subdivisions" - Rush, 1982, Signals.  Though this is not on of Rush's best songs, and when I was in High School and it came out, I could not 'relate' to it, and thought the lyrics somewhat trite (IMHO), the cymbal / high hat / snare drum work, in 7/8 and in 4/4 are remarkably precise.  The triple stroke, single handed ride cymbal work at the 3:52 mark, I really used to enjoy playing as a young drummer.  When it transitions to the driving splash cymbal 4:44, I used to try to simulate that with a pair of old, trashed, cracked high-hat cymbals that I mounted between my ride cymbals, but I lacked Peart's precision, and typically wound up knocking over the rickety-stand-equipped cracked cymbals and instead, just doing VERY HARD accents, with plastic tipped sticks, near the raised bells of the ride cymbals (after the rides fell over).

I'd forgotten all about the Tempest video game screen captures at end of the video (4:39)... and I did spend 100s of hours planted in front of Tempest machines... but then again, in the 80s, I had "peasant vision" (my father refused to get cable - and still refuses, with a GIANT antenna on his Indiana home) so I never really watched this video on a TV before.

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