Monday, November 21, 2011

NASCAR Shows How Classy It Can Be

A US citizen can like or dislike, love or hate, or be ambivalent about a US President.  I didn't like how I had to explain what a blow job was to my son when he was in Kindergarten when Clinton couldn't keep it in his pants and had the poor judgment to have sex with an intern.  I despised Bush so much that I turned off the radio or TV whenever I heard him speak.  I really liked Obama when he ran, but my disappointment with him has been growing for the last 2 years.  But never in all of these Chief Executives, would have considered booing or disrespecting any of their wives.

Yes, it's true to Hillary had a proclivity for pants suits and was a domineering personality in the white house, but she didn't do anything to warrant booing or hatred (at least by rational grownups).  Laura Bush had the "joker smile" in more than one photograph, but she also promoted reading with children and even spoke out against un-Christian [TM] policies promoted by the GOP on more than one occasion (until her leash was tugged tighter, and she was muzzled).  What does Michelle Obama do to get NASCAR fans to boo her?  Promote healthier eating?  (Cartman: give me my cheesy poofs, Maaaaaa!!!!)  Promote a NASCAR race dedicated to military families, called "Joining Forces"?  Yeah..  that's pretty evil.

The leader of idiotville, the caricature known as Hank-I-Suck-Terribly-And-Will-Never-Live-Up-to-My-Father's-Fame-Or-Have-Even-A-Tenth-Of-His-Talent-Williams Jr did state clearly on Faux News that "Obama is the Enemy!!", to lead the charge of all the sheep who vote against their own self interests in Dumphuckastan.  So perhaps the 10s of thousands of loud boo-ers in South Florida were just following their leadership's orders to extend good ole Southern Hospitality to a visiting African American woman of very humble origins (daughter of a city sanitation worker - that's pretty humble) who is also married to the leader of the Free World? 

Thanks NASCAR fans for showing your true colors.  The world is watching (link the UK story)

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