Tuesday, November 22, 2011

As Governor I Created Jobs...

Mike Keefe's poignant perspective.


  1. It doesn't. Liberalism is the expansion of government while conservatism is the expansion of the private sector. They "created" jobs by getting out of the way, unlike Obama and other Democrats who only raise taxes on businesses which eventually leads to higher cost of living and unemployment.

  2. Yes Roy, and things like building roads, employing police forces, monitoring food safety, maintaining a standing army... those should all be done by the private sector, right? Sorry to break your narrow paradigm, but there's many things the private sector does terribly or cannot do at all. What profit is there in taking care of veterans health? What profit is there in making sure medical devices and pharmaceuticals are safe? ("the market" would only self regulate after many people died or got severely ill). "Taxes on business" ... look at the overall corporate tax rate, and what has been ACTUALLY Paid by the largest American corporations, and you'll see that corporate taxation is not the problem. Come to California where the economy is thriving, we've ADDED 300,000 people (while many other states keep losing population) and we have more regulation and government over-sight than probably any other state except New York. Come to CA, and you'll see first hand how your paradigm is anachronistic and inaccurate.


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