Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Video Trumps Radio

Humans are visual creatures.  Yes, words and sounds do catch our attention, and smells are wired to the reptilian brain stem, but I think sight is much more powerful attractant / dissuasive / alluring force on the homosapien mind.  Gillian Gilbert in a pink cashmere sweater, playing keyboards, looking incredibly alluring, embeds itself in the mind of a teenager about 100X more strongly, pleasantly, and permanently than any Canadian metal trio ...and it is a welcomed relief to get "Fight The Good Fight" out of my head.

Also, seeing this video, it reminds how young Bernard Sumner used to be - he looked like a little boy in Jonathan Demme's 1982 video.

At 3:57, queue the frogs.  At 4:16 Sumner's out-of-synch cow bell banging detracts, in my perspective, from the over-all song.  But at least Triumph has been banished from my head this morning.

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