Sunday, November 20, 2011

Is California Still In America?

I do not understand why a fat UC Davis cop in riot gear, proudly sprays seated, non-violent protesters with pepper spray.  "Apply Liberally"?  Does he have a Eric Cartman fixation, where he's going to make sure everyone 'respects his authoritah!'  Is UC Davis, and the state of California, still part of the United States?

Watch the video here, (link) to see that the photo below is not a photo-shopped image.  The first 30 seconds is incredibly disturbing.
I don't get it.  What did any of those kids do to justify spraying them with millions of scoville units of pain & misery?  Why is that fat idiot (whose part of the 99%, not the richest 1%) still employed by his plutocratic masters?  This is not China, or Egypt, or Bahrain. 
Why should a fat, out of shape, frightened, drunk with authority, impotent little twit who thinks he's "muy macho" and "all tough in his riot gear" have the ability, in the United States of America, to blatantly, wantonly, NEEDLESSLY, spray college kids who are sitting on the ground, not resisting arrest, hand cuffed, en masse???

It's not only a failure of the system (UC Davis police, California justice system, law enforcement thinking they are above the law) to enable such a act to take place, but it's a failure of parenting and society, that such an evil little boy could be raised by parents who did not know how to instill a proper value system in their son's mind, by a society that allows such behavior to continue without giving a damn in a country that supposed to have constitutional freedoms, and by Executive branch leadership at UC Davis, the whole UC system, the state of California, and the White House.  I KNOW that President Obama has no control over what some fat ass with a badge in California does, but he needs to take a stand, to make a statement, when things have GONE TOO FAR.  He's good at taking stands, when he thinks it will benefit him politically.  I seem to remember a statement he made....  earlier this year....   it went something, like this:
"...will stand up for them everywhere" ???  Really??  Or is it ""...will stand up for them everywhere*"

* : not during an election cycle, or anytime when corporations' profits or reputations are at stake. Do not quote in times of domestic civil disobedience, injustice, or unrest.  Copy write, DNC, 2011.  Not to be used without the expressed written permission of Goldman Sachs, API, Conagra & Nestle

I expected this sort of brute force to be condoned (even in silence) by a Republican lead Executive branch.  It's inexcusable to be condoned by a supposedly Democratic one.


  1. Disgraceful behavior on the part of the police. Watch, any physical resistance -- passive, nonviolent -- will somehow be equated with "violence" and "threats" to police. That guy looks like he might be IN DANGER... of breaking a sweat.

    Easy for Obama to bust out the grandiose talk when his bluff won't be called.

  2. He's endanger of type II diabetes and not being able to see his toes if he ever steps near a scale.

    That video link had 150,000 hits yesterday when I first saw it, and 500,000 hits on it this morning. It is over 830K at the time of this comment, 4 hours later.

  3. Thank you my friend. That clip nearly made a tear form in the corner of my right eye (I AM DVR-ing da Bears game, and drinking Newcastle Brown, of which I am 4 bottles into it).

    What awesome discipline the students and fellow protesters had to SAY NOTHING. Hundreds of them, all PEACEFUL, JUST AS THEY WERE the day before, when they were freakin pepper sprayed!

    Thank you Ron, I never would have found that had you not forwarded the link.

    Perhaps I shall consider tweeting in the future... as a dear friend who is also a respected IT professional recommended I do so... =)

  4. 1.2 million hits by this morning. I think it is safe to say the outrage has gone viral.


  6. I've decided that if Occupy Reno ever does a real protest that might draw some real attention, I'm putting on my Lt. Dangle halloween costume (from several years ago) and spraying them all with Silly String.


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