Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Perry Needs To Listen To Nixon

Mojo Nixon, that is....

"Now another thing is kinda gettin\' on my nerves...
another thing that\'s kinda gettin\' on my nerves is this
national 21 drinking age
Huh? what do ya think about that?
A bunch of malarky
whatever malarky is man
it\'s a whole bunch of it..
you know if Reagan finally gets the war he\'s lookin for
you think he\'s gonna be draftin\' 21 year olds?
No man they\'re gonna be draftin\' 18 and 19 year olds
but ya cant buy beer
you can get married and screw yourself up real good
but ya can\'t buy beer
ya can charge 8 million dollars on the mastercharge
but ya can\'t buy beer
you can vote for one fool or another
but ya can\'t buy beer
\'cause this is America"

The legal voting age in Umerika is 18, you Texas idiot.  No New Texans!

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