Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gus's Experiment

There used to be a little Torta place about a mile walk from our home.  It always had coupons, slow service, and mediocre Mexican food. After about 2 years, it went out of business. A few months ago, Gus's New York Pizza & Bar opened up, and it seems to be doing booming business.  Lots of cars.  Patrons sitting out on tables on the side walks. Appears to be quite busy.

Yesterday, on everyone's houses' numbers, were shoved hand-out fliers for Gus's.  Pizza and wing specials... open until 3am... happy hour 2 to 7 Monday-Friday... and I thought to myself... "hey, if the Bears game is not on at the same time as the Cardinals game, I wonder if they'll be playing it?"  So I call them, and at noon they were already busy.  I'll be able to walk over, and walk back (even more importantly, after consuming ethanol)... and I can check on the homeless people living under the Encanto Street bridge at 91st Ave along the way, to see if there's still a colony of people living under the tarps beneath the bridge - hopefully they've all found a better place to reside.

Il faut voir... hopefully the place won't be full of Oakland Raider fans.. and hopefully they'll have something better served at the bar than just Lite and Bud (bleh!).  If you're in the neighborhood, stop on by.   I'l have on my Singletary jersey.


  1. If you are a member of the "Raider Nation", the "Oakland Harley Davidson" club, or the "Soldiers for Raiders, Arizona Chapter" organizations, you will LOVE Gus's on 91st Ave in West Phoenix. If you are one of 5 Chicago Bears fans in a bar full of drunk, angry, jeering, inhospitable, ill tempered, "boo the guy in the #50 Bears jersey when he gets up to go to the bathroom" as urged on by a megaphone wielding effeminate latin boy Raider's fan... you will not enjoy the experience of Gus's on 91st avenue. Oh well.

    In most Science, 95% of the experiments fail.

  2. they DID have Dos Equis on tap... which was cold and acceptable... so it was not a total loss.

  3. Was gonna ask how it was. Sounds unpleasant. Was the food any good?

  4. I had the wings, which were nothing to brag about. The medium were more mild, and the "honey bbq" entirely too sweet and over-loaded with sauce. Could have been worse. Only 2 of the wings had a broken bone, only one of which stabbed the inside of my cheek, as I carefully ate them (being a veteran of Indian & Chinese restaurant food that typically has sheared bone jetting forth).

    Rather than risk a mugging as I left, I had Traci come pick me up, and hopped into her car at the adjacent Chevron - since her fuel tank was almost empty. I also had passed the Encanto & 91st avenue homeless colony, who were living under the bridge on my way TO the bar. Heading back FROM the bar would have brought me over that same bridge, and from the looks of the shopping carts, tarps, and mounds of plastic bagged-garbage dams under the bridge, I would have been outnumbered 3 or 5 or more to one.

    We need to get out of this neighborhood, and some place more hospitable, tout suite.

  5. Hey I remember seeing you there!!! Weren't you the guy in the bears jersey with the really short shorts??? I know those Raider fans were really razzing you!!!! It was awesome! lol Gus's is the best place I have been to eat, drink and just chill to watch football in Arizona! The Raider fans might pick on you if you come in with another jersey but Raider but they do it all for fun!!! I recommend that place to everyone who loves football!!! Service is great! Food is terrific!!! And the bartenders really know how to make them drinks!!!

  6. Jonesin, if by "really short shorts" you mean "2 inches above the knee" then sure, they were, in your perspective "really short shorts". In my perspective, as an adult man who refuses to wear gangsta thug baggy shorts that go to mid or lower shin, making me look like a circus clown with no fashion sense, I had on "normal shorts".

    It's fun if you're a Raider fan. It's not really fun if you're the opposing team. and people in the line to the rest room are saying things like "you're in the wrong bar". And the riot the Raiders fans caused at Candlestick in preseason still stands out clearly in my mind. It all goes to character.

    I was going to NOT publish your comment, as it is a veiled promotion of Gus's, and I don't entertain commercial advertisements on the JustJoeP blog, but you did take the time to veil it, and for that successful obfuscation, I applaud you. You also insulted my wardrobe with a "short shorts" comment, and I rarely ever pass up an opportunity to help someone broaden their perspective when it comes to "conventional" fashion. Circus clowns included.


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