Thursday, November 17, 2011

Clean Up Definitely Needed

Tip of the hat to Mike Lukovich for this very poignant, accurate perspective. 

Yeah, Republicans don't want any government involvement or regulation in their lives, but if some protesters take away the place they go for smoke break in between trading imaginary pieces of contrived paper to "slice up this country a little finer" (RIP George Carlin) then Republicans are all about bringing out 1000s of "jack booted thugs" with pepper spray, riot gear, batons, tear gas. 

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  1. It's not just their smoke break...#OWS and #OSF are set up smack dab in front of where they hold meetings with their clients, wine & dine potential acquisition targets, and try to keep some sense of decorum as the world they ruined crumbles around the little bubble they've bribed municipalities to create.

    #OWS is all about putting Hoovervilles in plain view, and in the mos relevant placve possible: right in front of the "institutions" that created this mess. Sadly, the bought-and-paid-for mayors in cities around the country are getting help and advice from Obama's DHS to clear the streets of the 99%. It's MacArthur redux, with a gaggle of anti-homeless laws being used as the justification.

    Fortunately, #Occupy is more than a set of locations: it's a movement. And it has a chance to keep building momentum. If a group of smart people can figure out a way to couple that momentum to a political movement (while keeping the Democratic Party from coopting it, as it usually does), then we've got a chance for real change.


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